The right time to move into Swimbridge Nursing Home?

When is the right time for someone to move into the Swimbridge Nursing Home?

The choice to move into the Swimbridge Nursing Homee is rarely easy and the decision tends to be made by a family member or loved one who has found the fulltime job of caring has become overwhelming and all-consuming.

It is important that you don’t leave the decision until you or your loved one is really struggling. An indication maybe that they are having an increasing number of falls or they are not eating properly and may be getting disorientated and confused. If you are unsure what to do the first step is to get a care needs assessment through your local authority (click here for details). This means a professional can assess if your loved one is safe to live at home and if the time is right for them to move to a care home.

Signs to consider that it’s becoming unsafe for your loved one to live alone, or they feel unsafe living alone (complied by

  • Their home may no longer be safe for their needs, e.g. steep stairs, poor heating, located somewhere with little public transport.
  • Dementia is causing them to become increasingly confused and distressed.
  • They need supervision due to health reasons.
  • They would greatly benefit from consistent company; loneliness can be extremely detrimental to physical and mental health.
  • They are struggling to maintain good hygiene and/or good nutrition; home care can be fantastic support with this but if they need more specialist equipment than their home can accommodate, a care home may be preferable.
  • They need specialist care that is challenging to deliver in their own home.
  • Carer support – If you’re the main carer for a vulnerable older person, but you feel overwhelmed and no longer able to provide adequate support, then residential care might be the next step. You can request a Carer’s Assessment if you need support.

The manager and staff at Swimbridge Nursing Home can help and advise you and your loved one on the best way to move and how to make sure everything is done comfortably.

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