Admission & Fees


Prior to admission to the Home, we will meet with the resident where reasonably practicable, and complete an assessment to ensure that Swimbridge House is the appropriate placement to meet their health and social needs. We will, where appropriate, use other agencies to gather information to assist the assessment i.e. Social Services, ward nurses, GP or district nurse and family. This will be done with the resident’s consent and with the agreement of their advocate.

Residents and their representatives will be encouraged to visit the Home prior to their admission and will be given a choice of accommodation to meet their needs wherever possible.

Where it is assessed that we are the appropriate place to meet the residents’ needs, and that their admission to the Home will not be disruptive to the current resident group or the ambience of the Home, a placement at Swimbridge House will be offered. The resident or their advocate will be provided with a contract agreeing the terms of residency. Unfortunately, Swimbridge House is not able to accommodate residents of an aggressive or disruptive nature. Residents judged to need this type of care will be referred to the appropriate authority for suitable placement elsewhere.

Emergency admissions

Requests for emergency admissions are judged on an individual basis depending upon information available and are reviewed daily whilst our assessment process is undertaken. If at the end of this process it is agreed by all parties that Swimbridge House is not the correct placement we will work with the appropriate agencies to facilitate a move to a more suitable area.


Herb-garden-JFP_3450On taking up residence each resident is provided with a statement of terms and conditions and where the resident purchases the care privately these terms and conditions form part of a contract.

This statement or contract sets out:

  • the room to be occupied
  • the services – including food – provided from the fee
  • the fee payable and by whom together with the scheduled fee review
  • additional services available to be paid for over and above the fee
  • terms and conditions of occupancy, including period of notice for the type of placement
  • rights and obligations of the resident and the registered provider and who is liable if there is a breach of contract

Care Plan

The trained nurse will consult with the resident, their family and carer to prepare a written plan of how the resident’s needs in respect of their health and welfare are to be met. The plan will be reviewed and revised according to the changing needs of the resident. The plan will be available to the resident and any changes made will be discussed with them and their representatives.


Fees will depend on the care needed by the resident as established by the assessment. An additional charge will apply for a large room with an en-suite wet room.

Residential care:
Starts from £785.00 per week

Nursing care:
Starts from £940.05 per week (£155.05 of this is the Funded Nursing Care that will be received from NHS)